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We combine the best tutors with tailored assessments and personalized support to create happy, confident learners

Helen C.

“Thankfully my son and daughter were ahead in school when the pandemic hit. We wanted to keep it that way. Our tutor match was perfect and has been key to keep our kids engaged and excited about learning.”

Brooklyn, NY

Image by Etty Fidele

Ryan L.

“My son struggled with the remote learning during the pandemic with his ADHD. Our tutor helped plug holes in his learning, and to our surprise and delight, our son is having his best year yet in school! Thanks Flex Tutors for the right match at the right time!”

Chicago, IL

Woman in an Office

Vanessa I.

“I have to admit I was skeptical of online tutoring. However, I was quickly proven wrong with our tutor Rachel who has quickly become part of our family -- even though she lives in another state. Rachel is in our house (remotely) four times a week. She has made our lives happier because she is helping with homework almost daily.”

Park City, UT

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Nick K.

“My wife is a teacher and while she is amazing at helping other children, it is hard to tutor your own children. We have been super happy with the tutor match who has also become a mentor for our middle schooler. The pandemic has been tough, but the tutoring has been easy and exceptional.”

Portland, OR

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