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What Learning Loss Means for Parents — And How Tutoring Can Make a Difference

Our kids have had a rough year and a half with a pandemic and distance learning, as well as separation from their friends, classrooms, and extracurricular activities. If you feel like these school-related changes have been just as hard on you, you’re in good company. In fact, an astonishing two-thirds of parents report feeling concerned about their child’s learning loss due to COVID-19.

Below, we’ll list out the challenges we’ve faced while raising school-aged kids in the midst of a global pandemic. Learning loss has left its mark, but thankfully, there are tools to help our kids —and ourselves— return to the places we were meant to be.

What Learning Loss Means for Parents

  • You’re Left With Concerns

What is learning loss, and what does it mean in regards to your child’s future? In reality, every child in the world is facing the same pandemic, so your student will not be left behind their peers. However, they are further behind than they were before. This brings along plenty of concerns on a parent’s front — will my child lose confidence in their schoolwork? Will he be able to perform well on college entrance exams? Will this setback affect her long term? The questions can feel frightening, even if the circumstances have made them justified.

  • You’re Stepping Up In Ways You Haven’t Had to Before

When your child comes home overwhelmed by their math homework, there’s a good chance you’re taking on the “helper” role. You may do these types of equations every day at work, or they may have been completely forgotten since you were in your high school child’s shoes. Either way, adding on hours of homework help each night can be taxing on the entire family.

  • You’re Tending to Social-Emotional Needs More Than Ever Before

Your child has gone through a lot. Their routines have changed a thousand times, and they aren’t quite sure if their schedules will switch again by the end of the year. They have less confidence in their course materials and they need a boost to feel their best in each of these situations. You’ve taken on the job of cheering them up, and you’re paying close attention to their stress levels while they’re at home as well.

The Tool That Can Make All the Difference

Thankfully, we don’t have to let the effects of learning loss bring down our children — or ourselves. High-quality tutoring can be the solution to each and every one of these concerns.

Tutoring, especially when it’s able to be performed online from the comfort of your own home, can:

  • Help your child reach higher levels of academic success

  • Support students when struggles come along in their daily classes

  • Address social-emotional skills that were set back by the pandemic

High-dosage tutoring, or multiple sessions of quality education support per week, has even been called the solution to pandemic-related learning loss.

If you’re ready to pass the challenges onto a well-trained, personally-matched tutor, making education easier on your child and parenting a bit simpler for yourself, reach out to our team at Flex Tutors today. We’re more than happy to support your family however we can.

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