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The Three Key Aspects to Effective High-Dosage Tutoring

High-dosage tutoring is what experts state will solve the pandemic-related learning loss our schools are facing today. Researchers, policymakers, and governors have been calling out for increased tutoring opportunities in schools and communities, and they’ve even implemented programs to ensure it pans out.

So, what’s the big deal about high-dosage tutoring? Why is it so different than the learning styles we’ve relied on in the past? The three key aspects below make the benefits as clear as day:

Its Occurs Often

High-dosage tutoring is scheduled multiple times per week to ensure students continue learning between sessions, without the lag that can come from weekly or monthly meet-ups. This type of timing helps kids catch up from the significant learning loss that’s occurred due to COVID-19 and distance learning as well.

It’s Highly Personalized

Typical tutoring has a revolving door of instructors. If your child needs math help, they walk in to speak with whichever number whiz signed up for that time slot. They may not know the tutor, they may not get along with them, and their learning style may not mesh well with the instruction methods being used. These programs have been used for years, and studies have shown a significant lack of positive results.

High-dosage tutoring is always with the same instructor. Relationships are built through repeated contact, which leads to trust, appreciation, and cooperation. It leads to tutors understanding how each student learns and what they need, and it helps the kids want to come back over and over again, too.

It’s Implemented by Experienced Tutors Who Teach, Assess, and Communicate Well

The high-dosage tutoring programs that have the most success are extremely particular about who they hire. They’re not just looking for someone to fill the shoes, they’re searching for individuals who are capable of making a real impact.

Tutors are trained in their subject matter, friendly and interactive with students, and possibly most importantly, they know how to assess, communicate, and plan for specific hurdles that may pop up. High-dosage tutors are constantly watching for improvements and lack thereof, so the lessons can be personalized to match. Experts say this timely observation, along with communication to students and parents, is an essential part of tutoring success.

Finding High-Dosage Tutoring From Home

At Flex Tutors, we focus on making high-dosage tutoring accessible to all. Our online platform is easy to use from anywhere in the world. Our proven tutor-matching system ensures every student will work with someone they not only enjoy, but also someone who can meet each and every one of their educational needs.

We offer individual and small group tutoring on a schedule that works for you. Choose when your child meets with their instructor and the number of sessions they need each week. Expect to hear from their well-trained tutor with observations and feedback often, too.

If you’re ready to start your student on the high-dosage tutoring path, reach out to our team today. We’d be happy to get the process rolling so your child can catch up from the COVID slide in the very style today’s education experts endorse.

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