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Supporting Academic Recovery: A Partnership with Flex Tutors and U. Penn GSE

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

At Flex Tutors, we’re excited and honored to help students’ academic recovery through an innovative partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. This new program will allow U. Penn educators to train current high school students as tutors, giving them a top-of-the-line certification and the ability to make a difference in the lives of their local elementary peers.

How Will the Flex Tutors - Penn GSE Partnership Work?

This partnership will play out in a few different phases:

  • Graduate students at U. Penn’s GSE will train high school students with high-quality and effective tutoring techniques

  • High schoolers will tutor elementary students to boost their academic success after a long and challenging year of distance learning

  • Flex Tutors’ platform and implementation teams will ensure the process runs smoothly, taking the burden off the school’s and principal’s plate

What Benefits Will This Program Bring to Schools and Students?

Flex Tutors’ partnership will bring significant benefits to the following groups:

  • High schoolers

  • Elementary students

  • Principals

  • Schools

To start, the program will provide high schoolers with tutoring skills and experience they can carry with them throughout their lives. They can put their certification on their resumés, boosting college application success rates and future job opportunities. They can also earn a stipend or community service credit as a “thank you” for their time and effort.

The partnership will support elementary students with its engaging style. Kids will benefit from all of the positives peer tutoring brings, including positive role models, increased motivation, lessened test anxiety, and a learning environment that feels both comfortable and fun.

Schools will see the boost in academic achievement that is so necessary after distance learning and the COVID-19 pandemic, and principals will find this success without the typical requirement of significant planning and supervision on their end.

We’re incredibly proud of this program, and we’re honored by the chance to work with U. Penn’s GSE. We know our platform, along with kind graduate students and motivated high school difference makers, will make a true impact in the learning recovery of our youngest students today.

For an in-depth description of this new venture, feel free to view our press release here.

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