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Our Kids May be Falling Behind… But We Can Help

Distance learning is something we never expected. Our kids went to school safely all day, every day, and they learned well with semi-individualized, in-person instruction along with motivation from their peers. Then, a global pandemic hit and completely upended education as we knew it.

Distance learning has been the safest option for our society’s health, but how has it affected kids’ learning? We’ll look into the deficits it’s caused and the best way to help our kids come back from learning loss below:

What is the COVID Slide?

Sure, our kids have been “in school,” but have they been learning? Studies show that they haven’t been improving at the same rate they would have if they were still attending class in-person. In fact, learning loss has become the norm. This learning loss is what we call the “COVID slide.”

All students have been through the same or similar circumstances, but that doesn’t defer from the fact that these kids aren’t at the level they would be otherwise. They may be equal to their peers, but they need some support to reach the potential they’ve spent years trying to achieve.

Why is Online Tutoring the Best Tool to Help?

Online tutoring may seem like just another Zoom meeting, but it’s the easiest and most effective way to help our kids catch up as we near the end of this pandemic. It’s even been called “the most promising candidate” for learning loss catch-up by some of the top educators in the field today.

Online tutoring is the best solution to overcoming the COVID slide for two main reasons:

It’s Safe and Accessible

Sure, in-person learning and tutoring are excellent. However, these methods include exposure potential that some families, and some areas of the world, are simply not yet ready for.

Online tutoring takes place remotely, ensuring that both the tutor and the student are staying as safe as they possibly can.

Along with being safe, online tutoring is something anyone with an internet connection can receive. Live far from the best providers? No problem — distance isn't a concern in the virtual world.

It’s Personalized and Effective

Online tutoring isn’t just something safe that’s worth a try — it’s incredibly effective. When a child is matched with a solid tutor, they’re learning from someone who knows their learning loss areas, and who can take the time to curate individual lesson plans to move them forward.

Online tutoring allows students to:

  • Ask as many questions as they need, at any time

  • Be monitored personally for improvement and areas of concern

  • Build a trusting relationship with their tutor, giving them renewed motivation to reach their academic goals

No matter where your child is at with learning loss and the COVID slide, high-quality online tutoring can help. Reach out to Flex Tutors today and we’ll help you find your student’s perfect tutor match — someone they enjoy meeting with and someone who’s motivated to see them improve with each session they complete. No matter how challenging the past year has been, we can support our kids as they catch back up to meet their academic potential.

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