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Is High Dosage Tutoring the Solution to COVID-19 Learning Loss?

We’ve heard all about the COVID slide, but what options are out there that can truly help our kids catch up to where they need to be? All of our current research points to high-dosage tutoring. We’ll check out key studies and find out what this learning form really is in the post below:

What is High-Dosage Tutoring?

We all know about tutoring, but what does it mean when we throw the term “high-dosage” in front of it? High-dosage tutoring has a few key details that set it apart.

First, this style of learning happens often. It’s not a once-a-month type of deal. Kids learn better with consistency, so high-dosage tutoring meets multiple times per week to keep them on track. High-dosage tutoring also takes place in smaller settings. It can be individual or set up with a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio.

What Have Studies Shown?

High-dosage tutoring has been called the single most important factor in catching up from learning loss. Experts have even stated it would be “malpractice” to not include its efforts in academic catch-up plans. The specifics of the various studies are shown below:

The Small Ratios Allow for Customization and Relationship Building

Main findings in a variety of studies state that small group sizes are essential in tutoring success rates. High-dosage tutoring is never done in large groups. The close-knit settings, whether individual or small group, let tutors see what’s needed from each member and let everyone get to know each other better as well.

The Ability to Ask Questions Boosts Confidence

Small group sizes provide another benefit here — questions. When kids aren’t worrying about the rest of the class, they’re much more likely to pause and ask about the pieces they don’t quite understand. This leads to more effective learning from all sides as the student gets what they need in the moment and the teacher can easily monitor how well they’re following along.

The Repeated Contact Is What Sets It Apart

Research shows that in order for tutoring to be effective, it needs to be “sustained and repeated regularly.” High-dosage tutoring includes multiple sessions per week, so kids are constantly learning in areas they need to catch up in. It’s not something they can focus on for 30 minutes and then forget about until next month’s time slot rolls around.

Along with the sessions occurring often, the same tutor is meeting with each child every time. This added consistency allows students to get to know their instructors on a personal level, as we all know our kids learn better from people they enjoy. It also allows the tutor to continually track progress, noting what works and what doesn’t work along the way. This leads to personalized lessons that are enjoyed from all angles.

No matter what your plan is to support your child in catching up from the COVID slide, high-dosage tutoring is worth considering. Reach out to Flex Tutors today to be matched with a tutor for personalized individual or small group lessons. We’re more than happy to help your child reach their full potential — one high-quality, virtual session at a time.

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