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Flex Academies Launches Flex Tutors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joshua Chernikoff

April 14th, 2021 (202)-891-FLEX

A comeback measure to support students’ COVID-19 learning loss, the new program will focus on high-dosage tutoring via experienced instructors, an easy-to-use platform, and a proven tutor-matching system.

Flex Academies, a leader in both online and in-person enrichment, has announced its launch of Flex Tutors.

Learning loss, both academic and social-emotional, is at an all-time high as we near the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Flex Tutors,” Founder, Josh Chernikoff states, “is our solution.” The new platform aims to stop learning loss, conquer homework battles, and get childrens’ education back on track.

Chernikoff says the platform will provide families with access to high-quality, high-dosage tutoring as an effective way to overcome educational setbacks. Flex Tutors will offer both one-to-one and group sessions to support students in catching up to the academic level they would be at if the pandemic hadn’t played a role.

Well-qualified, background-checked tutors and a simple platform boost the program’s success rate. Every tutor has two or more years of experience.

Tutor Esha Imran is a Junior at the University of Texas majoring in Biology, plans to “help students succeed while being a mentor and a friend.” Alvin Vo will work to support students in mathematics, essay writing, and SAT/ACT test preparation.

Along with quality, high-dosage sessions, an innovative “tutor-matching system” improves results. A proven initial assessment identifies each student's learning needs and personality, allowing Flex Tutors to match them with an instructor who is both academically experienced and relatable. “The tutor match leads to more smiles and more learning,” Chernikoff shares, lessening learning loss and boosting motivation for schoolwork at the same time.

Parents benefit from the Flex Tutors model as well. “Regular assessments and progress reports from tutors ensure each child is succeeding academically and growing their confidence,” Chernikoff states. “These assets improve results while keeping parents involved throughout the learning process.”

Scholarships are available for families experiencing financial hardship as well. “We have granted each and every scholarship request since day one,” Chernikoff shares, “and that will proudly continue.”

For more information about Flex Tutors, visit their website:

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