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Harness the power of peer to peer tutoring

with University of Pennsylvania’s Tutor Apprenticeship Certificate Program in your school today!

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Peer to Peer Benefits

At Flex Tutors, we believe deeply in the power of peer to peer tutoring for several key reasons. We find that peer to peer tutoring is:

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Highly Motivating for Students

Effective at alleviating the stigma that often surrounds tutoring

A great way of providing students with role models

Peer to peer

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania to provide more students with tutoring to combat the learning loss caused by the pandemic. The Penn Literacy Network will be working closely with highly motivated high school students to certify them as tutors and provide them with a stipend for their efforts. Flex tutors’ unparalleled platform, partnered with Penn’s renowned literacy program and prestige, provides elementary aged tutees with guidance and hardworking highschoolers with meaningful work (and a great resume builder to boot)!

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Why Penn X Flex Tutors?

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High school and elementary aged students will be matched strategically with individual needs and interests in mind.

Tutoring will be monitored by the Penn Literacy Network

Honest and clear data will be provided by Flex Tutors regarding the effectiveness of the tutoring
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