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  • How does Flex Tutors match tutors with students?
    The tutor matching process is the hallmark of Flex Tutors. Flex Tutors prides itself on being large enough to have a large enough team of skilled and unique tutors, but small enough so that we know each of our staff and we can find the right match for your student. We use the information you provide on our proprietary online intake form to identify a specific tutor based on your student’s academic needs as well as learning style and outside interests. We believe that by setting the stage for a positive online learning experience and an affirming relationship, our tutors can help your student fulfill their academic potential.
  • What kind of education & experience do your tutors have?
    All of our tutors have at least two years of tutoring experience. All reading, writing and math (including algebra) instructors are state-certified teachers and have significant experience working with students across the country. Many of our tutors working with elementary and middle school students are also teachers and some of our tutors are studying for their doctorates in the subject in which they tutor. Our quality program ensures that new teachers are observed and evaluated at least three times in their first month.
  • How do you screen your tutors? Do you background check your tutors?
    Every tutor is subject to a rigorous interview process that involves a phone interview, an online/in-person interview, and strict national background checks. Flex Tutors is partnered with SSCI, America’s number one choice for background screenings, to ensure that every tutor on our team meets the guidelines for safety and security. The inspection process and background check system has been implemented by over 1,000 city and county agencies, countless youth sports organizations, and most of the National Governing Bodies of the United States Olympic Committee. We are also happy to send you references for the tutor we match with your child so that you can speak to other parents about the performance of one of our team members. Despite these precautions, we ask that someone over 18 of age be in your home when a tutor is online with your student.
  • Does Flex Tutors work with students with special learning needs?
    Our tutors have worked successfully with students with mild to moderate learning challenges. They seek to identify the learning style that best suits your student. We believe targeted tutoring can be very helpful in developing a unique, individualized and very interactive strategy to meet the needs of these students. If you would like to share your child’s IEP or 504 or wish to let us know about a non-academic issue, we will further tailor our tutoring to meet your child’s unique needs.
  • Will you communicate with teachers, therapists and other professionals?"
    Upon your request or at the suggestion of a tutor, we are happy to discuss academic goals and progress with your student’s teachers. We also have established a network of therapists and specialists who have years of experience working with children and collaborate effectively with our team.
  • How will you keep me apprised of my student's academic progress?
    In addition to regular communications with parents before or after tutoring sessions, after every session the tutor emails a session report to the parent within 24 hours of each session. This short report discusses the student’s academic progress, attitude and includes a paragraph detailing the session and next steps. The tutor’s report may also recommend study organization tools so that the student can translate the momentum from the session to homework, the classroom, and other educational learning opportunities.
  • What are the technology requirements for my child?
    Since we are online all student needs is an internet connection and a device with a webcam with audio and mic capabilities. Families can use desktop computers, laptop computers, and tablet devices.
  • What academic subjects do Flex Tutors cover?
    We provide tutoring in most subjects for grades K through 6. Our energetic and engaging tutors can take any subject, teach it successfully and make learning engaging. If we do not have a tutor on staff for the academic subject your student requires, we will work to identify the appropriate individual for your student.
  • How many hours a week minimum do you recommend for tutoring?
    Flex Tutors recommends beginning with a minimum of two hour-long sessions each week so that the tutor can clearly identify academic content gaps and to permit the student to master these gaps. Tutoring sessions may decrease over time as the student demonstrates continued subject mastery and strong study and homework completion skills.
  • How quickly can I expect a tutor to begin work with my student?
    We pledge to provide you with a tutor match within 24 hours of receiving your completed Student Inventory. If you approve this match and complete your registration and payment information, we can have a tutor working with your student within a week.
  • What if I need immediate help for my student?
    If you require more immediate service, we provide an expedited tutoring program in several math and science topics for a premium charge. Please contact us at or call 240.347.FLEX for more information and prices.

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