Where will social learning clubs (SLC) take place?

Social learning clubs will take place outside of homes at a variety of locations intended to be geographically close to the families participating in the pod. Expect locations such as office spaces, currently unused restaurants, event spaces, conference rooms, etc.

Will there be any outdoor activities?

Absolutely, weather and space permitted, we will try to go outside while maintaining safe social distancing and safety guidelines.

Will SLC leaders coordinate with my child’s teacher?

No, it is best that you (parent or guardian) communicate with the teacher and provide any ideas or feedback on how our SLC leader can support the student at our SLC.

Will SLC leaders be following a curriculum?

The main goal is for the SLC leader to support the child, but they will also try to have a basic understanding of the curriculum if it is provided.

What supplies and technology devices are needed?

Students will need to bring their own devices and headsets for use each day. The SLC will provide WiFi for the students.

Is it possible to sign up for a partial week SLC?

SLCs all operate on a 5 day schedule - and you can choose from 9am-1pm or 9am-4pm. If an SLC wants to skip a particular day of the week and all families agree to it, that is perfectly fine but the cost will not change as a result.

What happens if someone in the SLC tests positive for COVID?

If someone in the SLC tests positive for COVID, we will pause the SLC until everyone in the group gets tested for COVID. Anyone who is negative may return and anyone who is positive will need to quarantine for at least 14 days and cannot return to the SLC until they test negative.

Will everyone wear masks?

Yes, kids and staff members will be required to wear masks except when eating. If your SLC is comfortable, we can create physical space so that kids can have “mask breaks” throughout the day.

How long is the commitment?

Once you commit to a SLC, you will be signed up for a recurring weekly payment, but can cancel at any time with 1 week notice.

Will my child receive 1:1 instruction?

There will be one staff member for each SLC so you should expect mostly group instruction and activity. If you would like your child to have 1:1 instruction or tutoring, Flex will be able to pair your child(ren) with a provider based on age and subject matter (for an extra cost).

Will lunch and snacks be provided?

Families will be required to pack lunch and snacks for their children. We might be able to provide a paid lunch option that will be delivered to pods - but that is not finalized yet. We will follow up with more information if that comes to fruition.

Will you pair my child with a pod from their school?

We will do our very best to match children from similar schools, neighborhoods, ages and levels of social interaction of each family.

How much does the club cost per week?

The cost of the club is $330/week per child. There may be locations or circumstances where pricing may vary slightly.

Will SLC leaders make sure my child does their homework or offline with from their teachers?

SLC leaders will be their to support your child with assignments and our goal will be to have homework completed before they get home. That being said, the volume of work and your child’s level of focus will factor into homework completion.

Will SLC leaders make sure my child does all of their virtual learning even if it conflicts with the group schedule?

SLC leaders will do their best to adjust the schedules of their clubs to ensure all children are actively participating in virtual learning.