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Flex Tutors in partnership with Capitol Hill would like to offer our Cluster families the opportunity for one-on-one online tutoring this spring.

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Flex Tutors can cover whatever topic your Peabody, Watkins or Stuart-Hobson scholar may need help with - math, ELA, science, Spanish, writing, social studies - you name it!  If you are interested in Flex Tutors, please fill out this simple form and a Flex Tutors coordinator will be in touch with you directly.


One-on-One Tutoring

Tutoring will be offered starting the week of March 29th.  FLEX has offered a Cluster special rate of $40 per session for an hour of one-on-one online tutoring. We combine the best tutors with personalized support to create happy, confident learners.


Identify Initial Learning Needs

Not every child learns the same way, and online learning can pose new learning challenges for students. Flex Tutors begins with an evidence-based assessment to understand your child’s learning needs and personality.


Meet Your Tutor

The Flex Tutors team will personally match your child with one of our well-qualified, background-checked tutors. Meet with your tutor during a complementary 15-minute session online, and only purchase sessions once you, and your child, are comfortable


Watch Your Student Succeed

Your child will learn in a secure, engaging online environment, with regular assessments and progress reports from your tutor, to make sure your child is succeeding academically, and growing their confidence, too

We would like to thank Flex Tutors for working closely with the Cluster PTA to provide this opportunity for our Peabody, Watkins or Stuart-Hobson students. Should you have any specific questions about FLEX Tutors, please email or Lona Valmoro (

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